1. What is the system and how does it work

The system allows the download of a particular content from a server with unique codes, specifically associated with this content. I’ll call content with its codes a Campaign.
When the client acquires the code, he can go to the website either by typing it or with a QR code for easier access, put his email and code and will receive a link with the content. The link will be valid for 1-2 days to avoid being spread to friends etc.  
The system allows to generate statistics for each complain – i.e how many codes were used, where are the customers from, etc.
Another useful point is that it separates (stacks) the emails of the clients by a campaign, thus allowing to send specific promotions to the clients of each campaign or each music type. For example, if you have simultaneously POP, JAZZ and CLASSICAL campaigns, you will have separate list of clients for each of these. 

  1. What you need to do

All you need to do is to prepare the content for the campaign. The content should be up to 500 MB.
You will have an individual account where you can see at any time how many people used the codes for the different campaigns and all the possible statistics that the system can generate.
At you request, we will prepare a list with the clients emails.

  1. How to spread the codes and additional services.

Depending on the purpose of the campaign the codes can be printed on leaflets and put in the jewel cases, on cards for the vinyl packaging, or on anything that you can figure out.
When you’ll have a large number of emails, we can carry on professional email marketing campaigns on your behalf.

  1. Possible uses of the system

The system is simple and versatile and in the process of work can be developed further so all suggestions a welcome.
With your huge experience in the music industry I’m sure you’ll find the way of using it that suits you best.
However, here are some suggestions from us:

  • One use that we think will have a quick effect on the sales is to offer a small compilation for downloading. With this, the client will first perceive the additional value and second, will be acquainted with your other releases and may look for them and hopefully buy.
  • For the titles that sell very slowly or the returns, adding a second cd (half cd, compilation) as a gift will increase its chance of sale
  • With targeted email campaigns, promoting your products directly to your customers you will increase your physical sales.
  • For the vinyl records, either the full content of the vinyl can be downloaded with the codes or again, a promotion of other releases can be made.
  • For the bands, playing at the concerts – the Downloads cards are excellent to build their band. For example you can stick the ticket with download codes and after the tour is finish you will have a big list of fans.