The simplest option package CD is a package of white colour, which can be either continuous, or «window» of polyethylene. Having a plastic «window» can fine pass design graphic design of the disk.

Slim box Slim-box (glass) - an original plastic packaging, which differs from the standard CD Jewel smaller size and lack of a removable tray.
CD Jewel box for the CD standard plastic box with a tray, on which is mounted the disk. Options colors - transparent, black, white, green, red, blue.
Slim box Slim-box (glass) for Mini-CD/DVD - transparent plastic box Mini-CD/DVD. Differs from the standard version, Slim-box smaller.

To create a more attractive appearance disk is now widely applied beautiful and attractive boxes for disks, which differ significantly on the shelves of any store. The buyer usually pays its attention on the appearance of the goods, his eyes always falls on a colorful разрисовку and beautiful box. And only after that it starts to become familiar with its contents.
Significant improvement of the quality of the paper by covering it with a thin polymer layer occurs when the process of lamination. Such a paper, if we compare it with the usual, is more dense and strong, and she has a more attractive appearance. As a consequence, polygraphic product on laminated media looks colorful and bright and very successfully used in the manufacture of materials of advertising character.
CD Business cards are an important part of any modern company, thanks to which you can install or establish contacts with business partners, or business people. The latter, in turn, may have a positive impact on the development of the company. They are not only a sign of respectability, but also perform specific practical functions. It is a business card contributes to the creation of the first impression about you and your company in General. Therefore, it should not only contain important information for the partner or the client, but also have a presentable appearance.