QUARTER-BY-QUARTER RECAP The holiday rush of the fourth quarter may still rule for physical CD sales, but other formats show notable spikes throughout the year. Vinyl, for instance, showed its highest surges in the second and fourth quarters thanks to the nationwide Record Store Days in April and November, while On-Demand Audio and On-Demand Video streaming continue to reach new highs every quarter. Digital album and song downloads continue to benefit the most from post-holiday gift card redemptions in the first quarter.

2016 FIGURES BY FORMAT In 2016, global recorded music revenues totalled US$15.7 billion. They rose by 5.9% on 2015, improving on the previous year’s growth of 3.6% and marking the largest growth the industry has seen since IFPI began tracking industry sales in 1997 see IFPI Report 2017

we have 2017 now and i'm just think about if a label / distro is still needed for an (new) artist.
1) It's nearly impossible to get signed by a bigger label.
2) Small labels usually don't have enough money to make good promo.
3) I don't know anybody who buys on iTunes, Beatport, whatever.
4) DJs get most of their tracks for free by the artists/labels/promo agencies.

Plastic, commonly used for DVD cases. •PP Sleeve- Thin flexible plastic sleeve, generally used for demo CDs. Common Types of Cardboard CD Packaging •Digipak- A foldout cardboard wallet with plastic tray reduces emissions by 95% Choosing cardboard over plastic cases Next time you print more than you need. With modern technology you can print time you print a CD, choose cardboard packaging. If you want to take it a step artists can take which has to be pure enough for demo CDs.

Having said that, what “selling music” looks like has certainly changed over the past decade or so, and in order to make a living, you need to adapt to the times, while still looking at what’s worked in the past. Download cards are a less common format that still has a place in the world of digital music, and they're something you should consider the next time you go on tour or have an album coming out.

we have done a deluxe packaging of Jackson Browne  Broadcast Selection 71-76 -  6 CDs in card wallet and packed in Deluxe Clam Shell Box Set

This type of advertising as cd packaging printing, you'll be undoubted advantages.

This product is vivid, memorable, effective and inexpensive. At the same time, even the most excellent quality paper can not boast of durability and invulnerability. But we should not put aside such a powerful way and opportunity to promote your products or services. There is an opportunity without any investment this lack to eliminate, by CD Packaging printing with lamination.

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